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Whole home lighting

The power to transform any space with light is yours at the touch of a button. Control the light and shade levels in a single room or throughout your whole home using a hand-held remote, wall-mounted keypad, or mobile device. Create just the right light for any activity or mood and save energy while you do it. We’re your Lutron Certified installer in Long Island, NY.

With our lighting designs, you can gracefully highlight areas in your home that accentuate it’s beauty and craftsmanship.

Outdoor Lighting

With the proper landscape lighting, your outdoor spaces are more inviting, secure and beautiful. You, your family, and guests will be able to enjoy decks, patios, porches, pools, and gardens late into the evening. The amount of space you can use to relax or entertain can be expanded to double or triple the space you enjoy now. You will no longer have to return indoors at dusk. Your residential outdoor spaces will come alive and become even more beautiful as the sun disappears.

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Outdoor Lighting Technologies

Landscape lighting discourages crime, makes access more safe and secure, and reveals the daytime beauty of your outdoor environment. New, energy efficient lighting technologies and lower voltages make landscape lighting less expensive and safer. Low voltage access lighting makes walkways easier and more inviting to use. Your home, lit properly by Island SmartHomes, will take on a subtle, magical beauty that will “wow” onlookers and give you a warm, welcome feeling every time you return to it. The architectural details and landscape elements that you cherish will be enhanced and come to life in a way you will never tire of seeing. Well-planned landscape lighting adds prestige and permanence to any home; that’s why realtors recommend landscape lighting as a relatively inexpensive way to increase property value.

With many years of experience, we are a member of the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals as well as a Certified Kichler Design Pro.

Automatic Window Shades

The Convenience of motorized shades

Imagine opening any or every window covering in your home with the touch of a button. The ultimate in convenience, control and sophistication, motorized shades are an impressive addition to any home.

Discover the many conveniences of automated shades:

  • Window shade automation control options include hand-held wireless remotes, timers, and even your smartphone or tablet!
  • When set on a timer, your remote control shades can be programmed to open and close automatically at your preferred time of day.
  • Your favorite shades including roller shades, honeycomb shades and more – can all be automated for convenience. We also offer automated drapery rods to open and close your draperies automatically at the touch of a button!

  • Shade automation simplifies operation and makes it effortless to access those hard-to-reach windows.
  • By automating your shades, you increase your security and privacy, as they can be programmed to open and close when you are away from home for long periods of time.
  • Automated shades can extend the life of your window coverings by eliminating the wear and tear associated with manual operation.
  • Since they’re inherently cordless, automated shades eliminate the danger of your children or pets becoming entangled in dangling cords. With so many options to choose from, it may seem hard to select which type of shade automation system is best for your home.
  • Schedule an in-home demonstration with Island SmartHomes to learn more about our automated shades today.

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